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Volume 45, Issue 2
Fall 2022



Discursive Constructions of Women’s Sexuality in College Hookup Culture
Carrie Anne Platt and Jillene A. Krause

doi: 10.34036/WL.2022.014

The Benediction of My Body: Reconciling Feminism and Christianity Through Autoethnography
Sydney Elaine Brammer  

doi: 10.34036/WL.2022.015

Women’s Hearts, Men’s Rights: Reinforcing Patriarchy in Heart Disease Online
Hayley T. Markovich

doi: 10.34036/WL.2022.016

Enacting Rage and Navigating Tensions: U.S. Mothers’ Perceptions of the Term Mom Rage
China C. Billotte Verhoff and Angela M. Hosek 

doi: 10.34036/WL.2022.017

Book Reviews


Militarized Maternity: Experiencing Pregnancy in the U.S. Armed Forces by Megan D. McFarlane
Catherine Van Halsema

doi: 10.34036/WL.2022.018


Electing Madam Vice President: When Women Run Women Win by Nichola Gutgold
Calvin R. Coker

doi: 10.34036/WL.2022.019


A Women’s History of the Beatles by Christine Feldman-Barrett Susan J. Behrens Branding Black Womanhood: Media Citizenship from Black Power to Black Girl Magic by Timeka N. Tounsel 
Linda G. Kean

doi: 10.34036/WL.2022.020


Gay Like Me: A Father Writes to His Son by Richie Jackson 
Rico Self 

doi: 10.34036/WL.2022.021

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