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Current Issue

Volume 42, Issue 1
Spring 2019 


Merkel the Mutti? A Linguistic Analysis of Domestic Language in European News Media Coverage of Angela Merkel

Catherine Van Halsema, Indiana University


All the Woking Women’s Friends: Protective Labor Legislation and the Early ERA Controversy

Kerith Woodyard, Northern Illinois University

Kathryn Cady, Northern Illinois University


Beyond “Good Hair”: Negotiating Hair Politics through African American Language

Kristin Denise Rowe, Michigan State University


Keeping (Light)house: Public Memory Work as Feminine Labor

Shauna M. MacDonald, Villanova University


Media Reviews: 

Viewing Black Panther Through a Postcolonial Feminist Lens

Tassabum “Ruhi” Khan, University of California, Riverside


Dolores: The Silenced Cofounder of the United Farm Workers

Rebecca Mercado Jones, Oakland University


Bodies in Flux: Depictions of Gender Fluidity in the Art of Cassils

Bryan Hilley, Duke University


Shirley and Lavada: Refuting the Myths of Aging in Greedy for Life

Phoneshia Wells, University of Southern Indiana

Book Reviews:

Savage Portrayals: Race, Media, and the Central Park Jogger Story by Natalie P. Byfield

Simon Rousset, University of South Florida

Rachel Alicia Griffin, University of Utah


Political Rhetoric: A Presidential Briefings Book by Mary E. Stuckey

Skye de Saint Felix, University of Maryland


Abstinence Cinema: Virginity and the Rhetoric of Sexual Purity in Contemporary Film

by Casey Ryan Kelly

Samentha Sepulveda, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Speaking Up by Allyson Jule

Susan J. Behrens, Marymount Manhattan College



Intersectional Feminisms and Sexual Violence in the Era of Me Too, Trump, and Kavanaugh

Judy E. Battaglia, Loyola Marymount University

Paige P. Edley, Loyola Marymount University

Victoria Ann Newsom, Olympic College



A Certain Fidelity to Infidelity: Thinking Against Loyalty in the Academy

Joshua Trey Barnett, University of Minnesota, Duluth


Co-conspiring Against the Fratriarchy

Bernardo Alexander Attias, California State University, Northridge


Intersectional Feminism and Global Activism Against Rape Culture: An Advocacy for the Inclusion of Congolese Victims and Survivors

Gloria Nziba Pindi, California State University, San Marcos


My #MeToos Before the #MeToo

Devika Chawla, Ohio University


A Long Walk Home: Decolonizing #MeToo

Aimee Carrillo Rowe, California State University, Northridge


No More Magic Mirrors: Confronting Reflections of Privileged Feminisms in #MeToo

Sarah Amira de la Garza, Arizona State University


Before and Beyond #MeToo and #TimesUp: Rape as a Colonial and Racist Project

Cristy Dougherty, University of Denver

Bernadette Marie Calafell, University of Denver


Dear Nice White Ladies: A Womanist Response to Intersectional Feminism and Sexual Violence

Toniesha L. Taylor, Prairie View A&M University

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